Another unique eco-system in province killed off

One of the largest surviving “artineras” ecosystems left in the province has been destroyed by farmers. The 2,64 square kilometre artinera outside El Ejido is a protected space under Spanish legislation, but Ecologistas en Acción say that invasion by builders and farmers has illegally destroyed it. Artineras are grouping of several types of indigenous grasses that form small inter-dependent ecosystems around a shrub known in Spanish as the Arto. Animal and insect life within the Continue reading Another unique eco-system in province killed off

Tortoise census takes wanted

Ecologistas en Acción are looking for volunteers to take part in a tortoise census next Saturday May 28. It’s part of a tortoise survey being carried out by the University of Murcia and the Serbal association. The census starts at 10am in Salar de los Canos, Vera. You’ll wander around your designated area all day, and everytime you find a tortoise you call over the vet who is in charge of checking their health. Then Continue reading Tortoise census takes wanted

Ecologists deny Vera floods were their fault

Ecologistas en Acción, the ecologist activist group, have sent out a stiffly worded press release denying that they are to blame for the Vera floods. They say that certain “political groups” have been hinting that the reason the riverbed was never cleaned – and hence turned into a perfect setting for a flash flood- was due to their efforts. Instead, Ecologistas en Acción point out that on several occasions they asked for the riverbed to Continue reading Ecologists deny Vera floods were their fault

Anti bullfighting rally in Almeria

Ecologistas en Accion are organising an anti-bullfighting antitaurina rally in Almeria on the 23rd (Thursday). Instructions are that it is to be peaceful, yet noisy. Meeting at the corner of Calle Enrique Granados with Calle Amadeo Vives and then through the centre. Traffic is not to be disrupted, and permissions have been granted, etc etc etc. Press release follows:

Dog distemper epidemic in Adra warning

A dog distemper outbreak in Adra has been reported by the Federación Animalista de Almería. The animal charity says that a number of dogs have been affected by the “almost always lethal” influenza like disease that is spread between contaged animals by coughing. It is not transmittable to humans. It’s called “moquillo” in Spanish, due to the fact that it makes dogs noses and eyes run. Vets are very concerned about the situation and are Continue reading Dog distemper epidemic in Adra warning

Summer of film and festival of music in Los Escullos Castle

From Ecologistas en Accion & Indignados Nijar: a series of activities in Los Escullos, Nijar, taking place over the summer. (In Spanish, if you don’t understand it you probably won’t be interested!) (click da foto to make dam bigger, mon) CINE DE VERANO Y FESTIVAL DE MÚSICA EN EL CASTILLO DE SAN FELIPE EN LOS ESCULLOS.

Guided visit around Puntas Entinas

This Sunday is World Wetlands day, and in celebration, local experts together with Ecologistas en Accion will be giving a free guided visit around Los Charcones del Punta Negras in Puntas Entinas, which are the big wetlands off El Ejido. It starts this Sunday at 10am at the Biblioteca Villaespesa, C/ Hermanos Machado, and you are cordially invited to bring your own vehicle, and if possible, pack it full of other interested people.

Big citizen beach cleanup in Cabo de Gata this Sunday

Ecologistas en Accion, the ecologist group, has organised a citizen’s beach cleanup of the famous Los Escullos beach in Cabo de Gata this Sunday 17th, starting at 10am. The beach will be cleaned between, at least, Los Arcos and El Embarcadero. The aim is to remove all the plastic and litter left from the summer (EeA describes it as “horrendous”) and also a volunteer team will be cleaning up an oil spill they found there Continue reading Big citizen beach cleanup in Cabo de Gata this Sunday

Mojacar in trouble over using the poor river bed as rubbish dump

So, not content with sucking vast quantities of sand out of the Mojacar river bed Mojacar townhall is now allowing the holes to be filled up with illegal dumping, according to Ecologistas en Accion. They say activists have found evidence of home white goods, batteries and lots of other such things being dumped in the river bed. “Surprising, given the fact that the town is an international tourism destination” said Ecologistas en Accion, who also Continue reading Mojacar in trouble over using the poor river bed as rubbish dump