Google flight search takes off in Spain

Google Flights has launched for Spain, showing a comprehensive network of flights into and out of Spain, and a price comparision tool. However, rather annoyingly, none of the major “low costs” such as Ryanair, Easyjet, LAN or Binter Canarias (who?!) allow their flights to appear on it. You can also see a map showing stop overs, etc. Quite fun for about 45 seconds. For some reason – prices are quoted in US$. So, actually, Continue reading Google flight search takes off in Spain

A trip on Easyjet

I have often said that Monarch is the only airline for me. I have often joked about Ryanair, and even gleefully published on this blog bad news reports about the cheaper airlines. However, Monarch doesn’t fly to Glasgow. From Spain, Easyjet flies to Glasgow. From Alicante. So, I was stuck between taking the direct flight, or flying into London and then taking the overnight train. Now, both have advantadges. The only time I have slept Continue reading A trip on Easyjet

Taxes & charges on Spain UK flights – a consideration

Taxes & charges on flights UK to Spain I’ve just booked a flight back to the UK. (Stop cheering, it’s only for a week then I’m back!). With Monarch, of course. I go out of my way to avoid Ryanair and Easy Jet. Full of screaming toddlers, lower class yobbos, cramped seats, plastic bags of gin, etc. So much more comfortable in a Monarch extra leg room seat with a bottle of champers and some Continue reading Taxes & charges on Spain UK flights – a consideration

Ryanair bullies Fuerteventura

Ryanair, which incidentally serves its gin in plastic bags, has cancelled all flights to Fuerteventura after deciding that the local tourism department was not promoting its flights heavily enough. (According to The Times). This means that anybody who has booked a flight to Fuerteventura through Ryanair for next year is, in a word, stuffed. They will get their flights refunded, but hotels or cars they’ve booked are up to them. This follows on only a Continue reading Ryanair bullies Fuerteventura