All day drinks and drugs … tests for drivers, that is

The Guardia Civil have announced they will be carrying out thousands of random drink and drugs tests during the next two weeks. “Any time, any place” is their slogan for the campaign, taking place ahead of the Christmas rush. The Guardia warn that they will be carrying out the tests across the country with no prior warning at any time during the day.

Sangria can only be “made in Spain” (or Portugal)

Everyone else has to call it “aromatic wine based drink from the country of….” under new EU directive. Snappy! 609 MEPs voted in favor, 72 against and 4 abstained from the vote to give Sangria protected geographical status. So only Spanish and Portuguese producers of the drink can put the word “Sangria” on their bottles. All other countries in the EU now have one year to print new labels with the snappy slogan, and the Continue reading Sangria can only be “made in Spain” (or Portugal)