Home demolitions – a passing fad for the public

Strange, really, to think how public interest wanes quickly. Remember the Prior demolition? Global outrage, lots of shouting, etc, etc. Lots of excitement all round. Then it went quiet. Then we started hearing news of homes about to be demolished in Albox. Lots more shouting. A protest march. Noise. Then it went quiet. News trickled out that the six homes in Albox had had their demolition orders overturned. People celebrated, without realising that this was Continue reading Home demolitions – a passing fad for the public

La Voz spots the demolitions

An interesting article, full page (!!) in today’s La Voz, twittering on about the Albox demolitions (page 17). It appears to be the first reference to the issue in our local paper. It doesn’t actually say anything, it simply repeats what other websites and UK tabloids are saying (the such things as “even the fearsome The Sun has waded into the debate“). It’s a masterpiece of how to bring the problem to the attention of Continue reading La Voz spots the demolitions

Demolitions in Albox?

The recent letter sent out by AUAN has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, at least on the excitable “blue” forum arboleas.co.uk. The letter claims that eight people have been informed that their houses are to be demolished. No names are being given out at the moment, as it seems not all the owners have been contacted, according to AUAN who seem to be the only people with any information – and they aren’t Continue reading Demolitions in Albox?