Turre expects over 1000 cyclists in the 2015 firemans bike race

Well over a thousand mainly amateur cyclists are expected to turnup this 15th of February in Turre for the 2015 Ruta MTB Bomberos cycle race up and down the mountains over rural roads and riverbeds. It’s a fun course which started off some years ago as a fun competition between local cycling groups and quickly swelled into the cycle event of the year for the province. For information on joining see Turre townhall or Asdeportiva Continue reading Turre expects over 1000 cyclists in the 2015 firemans bike race

Nail traps found on rambling routes

Hueral Overa local cycling club Indalbike have found a number of home made nail traps hidden on local rambling routes. The traps, large nails hammered into bits of wood before being hidden in the dust (spiky end up) seem designed to stop cyclists, but as the Guardia point out – step on one of these and you could be left too injured to walk home, miles from anywhere. And coming down a hill on a Continue reading Nail traps found on rambling routes

45 year old cyclist found dead in the hills

A 45 year old man has been found dead on his cycle up in the hills above Felix. Initial reports suggest that he probably had a heart attack whilst climbing a steep hill in the heat. A reminder to us all to take it easy in the heat of day, drink plenty of water and take a mobile phone if we’re going to be out and about exercising by ourselves.

Chap in Nijar spotted cycling with a watermelon on his head

Mojaqueras eat your heart out – for sheer control and balance on something on your head, this bloke in Nijar takes the biscuit. Local newspaper Ideal.es reports that the video was sent in by some readers after they spotted the man cycling down the main Nijar road. Carefully evading the potholes and speed bumps as he sped along.