Chap in Pulpí steals a bus

It was always doomed to failure. A chap in Pulpí thought it would be great fun to steal a bus, but sadly lost control and drove into an apartment block. It seems that at 6,30 this AM, someone hotwired the bus from where it was parked outside the DIA supermarket, and tried to drive it through town. Problem was, there was no way it could fit through the narrow streets the thief was trying to Continue reading Chap in Pulpí steals a bus

Crime continues to fall across region

The latest crime data released by the Jefatura Superior de Policía de Andalucía Oriental suggests that despite the recession, crime across Eastern Andalucia (Jaén, Málaga, Almería, Granada) continues to drop, with 14.06% fewer crimes being committed so far this year over 2009. The two types of crime with the biggest drops are bag snatching (a 31% drop) and vehicle theft (22% drop). Better police training, with better cooperation between forces, and better backup from the Continue reading Crime continues to fall across region

Asprodalba broken into

I was told this morning by someone who is fairly close to the centre that Asprodalba, the centre for children with learning disabilities in Vera, was broken into last night. They lost all the petty cash and quite a bit of IT equipment. A window and door was also broken as well as other damage from the thieves breaking into cupboards and desks, etc. My thoughts go out to Ignacio and his hard working team Continue reading Asprodalba broken into

Turre crime wave over – “cake thief” doing pudding in Vera

The Crime Wave reported last week in Turre is over, and grateful citizens have been thronging the streets, feteing the brave Guardia Civil officer. Leslie James B. (49), a British man in Turre, was identified as the master thief who has been stealing cakes from “establishments” in Turre and then selling them off as his own wares in beach bars along Mojácar. Leslie was caught red handed when suspicious police officers followed his car as Continue reading Turre crime wave over – “cake thief” doing pudding in Vera

Crime wave in Turre last night

I’ve been told that there was a nasty robbery last night at Adelina restaurant, in Turre, where three cakes were taken from the fridge on the patio. Guardia Civil are investigating, and I’m told that reinforcements have been called in from Almería. The mayor has reassured the populace. An insurance claim has already been lodged.

Robbery foiled in Garrucha

It appears that yesterday afternoon a gentleman wearing a balaclava went into the Baby supplies shop which is just off Calle Calderon in Garrucha (where the market is every week), brandished a knife and gruffly ordered the owner to empty the till into a bag he carried. It appears that the fellow was then upset by the amount collected (Not Very Much), so he went round the corner into Bar Neptuno, which is a local Continue reading Robbery foiled in Garrucha

2 kids arrested for stoning cars

2 kids (14) have been arrested in Almeria city for stoning cars as they passed by. One Spanish, one Moroccon. They have been returned to their parents under caution and will soon appear in court. Speaking as someone who once had a stone thrown through his windscreen on the Milla del Oro in Marbella by some rich kids, I suggest that a bit of Islamic justice may be in order.

Just how serious was the alledged “holdup” in Turre last week?

Costa Almeria News reports that a man who stopped to help a lady with a baby who had broken down just outside Turre was held up at gunpoint by two men “with German accents” who demanded money. [See the news article]. [quote from story] The victim, who wishes only to be known as ‘Peter’, was alone and driving a rental car towards Mojacar from Cabrera when he was flagged down by a woman who appeared Continue reading Just how serious was the alledged “holdup” in Turre last week?

Almeria airport crime scares?

I’ve heard a (first hand) report that while picking up some friends from Almeria airport on Monday, a fellow was surrounded by (Eastern Europeans?) who tried to stop him. He avoided them, but then discovered that somebody had also slashed his tyres. (It’s possible, I suppose, that they were warning him about the slashed tyres, although his account of events says that they were aggressive in nature). Being too scared to stop, he returned back here Continue reading Almeria airport crime scares?