Creamfields confirms lineup

Creamfields, southern Spain’s most important techno / dance music festival, has confirmed the final lineup of acts which will take place over next weekend (14/15 August). 32 major and minor international acts will take part. This important dance festival takes place in Guardias Viejas, the huge beach under the castle at El Ejido. Just down the road from Chris Marshalls place (his penthouse has a great view of it if you want to rent it Continue reading Creamfields confirms lineup

Mojacar gets Walt Disney, Motril gets The Cranberries

(I know which one I’d prefer) So, hot on the heels of Tito del Amo’s conspiracy film about how Walt Disney was born in Mojácar (he wasn’t, but buy a copy anyway), which has lead local (-wannabe) Chamber of Commerce ACEM to renew calls for a “dignified statue of Walt Disney[…] costing around 7,000 or 8,000€[….] to be placed in the town square of Mojácar” (see this months Advertiser), we hear that the PP mayor Continue reading Mojacar gets Walt Disney, Motril gets The Cranberries