Still no date for opening of new county courts

Luis Pizarro – no, not the Incan conqueror, the Andalucian Minister of Justice- was in town recently for a ganders at the new county courts, a vast 30,000 m2 building that has been completed on the Ronda in Almería. The Cuidad de Justicia, on which work has now been completed, still has no date for the opening, and Luis refused to be drawn on a date. This follows on, and partly prompted, the whinging from Continue reading Still no date for opening of new county courts

Almeria courts have collapsed

It appears that the court system in Almería have collapsed, with the courts giving out trial dates for late 2013. So, if you lodge your case today – Sept 2010 – you’ll have to wait over three years before it even gets to a judge, according to the judicial head of Almeria, Luis Miguel Columna. The Judicial Association say that it’s not their fault, but rather that they are overloaded and understaffed. D. Columna points Continue reading Almeria courts have collapsed

Hmmmm…. I can speak Spanish, you know

Currently involved in a rather tricky court case over compensation. One of the other parties allegations is that in all previous communications with them, we never informed them we were communicating via a lawyer (despite the headed notepaper? The return address? The signature at the bottom and college affiliation of the signee? etc). To which I have just spotted (in the middle of 55 pages of closely typed legal arguments) that our reply is: (..)no Continue reading Hmmmm…. I can speak Spanish, you know

Courts of Vera are somewhat…. unique

  Throughout history, societies have attempted to install awe and fear into their common citizens by creating imposing edifices within which to dispense justice.   This theory appears to have fallen by the wayside with the new courts in Vera. vera courts vera almeria justice centre center   Even the government seems unable to muster much enthusiasm about the building, the official press release is quiet on the subject of the facade, simply muttering about Continue reading Courts of Vera are somewhat…. unique