Drones act as lifeguards on Costa del sol

Tourists who get into difficulties while swimming off the Costa del Sol this summer may have an unlikely saviour: a lifeguard drone. The unmanned craft have been fitted with cameras as well as rubber floats, which they can drop into the water to help struggling swimmers — getting there three times faster than the average lifeguard, according to Vodafone One, which has sponsored the project. “As soon as there is a sighting of someone in Continue reading Drones act as lifeguards on Costa del sol

Come to the Costa del Sol! Tourism authorities create a “new brand” to sell 30,000 homes to Brits

“Living Costa del Sol” That’s the new trademarked slogan being pushed by the Costa del Sol tourism board, in an attempt to flog 30,000 homes to Brits next year. It joins “Welcome to Andalucia, welcome home“, the new slogan of Andalucia for the British market, believe it or not.