Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Almería now has the distinction of being the home to the first cocaine lab ever found in Spain. A massive police raid took place in San Isidrio (Níjar – between the greenhouses) last July, but the operation has only now been confirmed by the Guardia Civil. The operation happened after a tipoff by the US Homeland Security Investigation team found a bunch of Colombians smuggling vast amounts of cocaine into Spain. The Colombian authorities were Continue reading Spain’s first cocaine lab raided in Níjar

Pulpí paedophile paediatrician arrested in Colombia after fleeing arrest in Almería

A paediatrician doctor who worked in Pulpí (Almería) has been arrested on paedophilia charges in his native Colombia. Dr Carlos Alexander Rodríguez Linares fled back to his homeland after police in Almería investigated him for sexual crimes against child patients of his.