Vera to sue Codeur ex-directors

Vera townhall has voted to sue the ex-directors of Codeur for incompetence. Codeur is the public utility company that runs the water system in Vera. It’s owned partially by Keymare (the builders that made such a mess of the coast round the water park) and mainly by the town of Vera. Anyway, Vera says the old directors (appointed by the Keymare shareholders) ran the company “for the benefit of the shareholders and not the greater Continue reading Vera to sue Codeur ex-directors

Valle del Este is first golf course around to use 100% recycled water

Vera has completed its deal to sell annually 250,000 cubic metres of recycled water from its sewage plant to the Valle del Este golf course. This means the golf course will now use only recycled water, which otherwise would have been dumped in the local riverbed or sea. It’s the only golf course in this area to use this system, adds Valle del Este with pride.