39 drown off Almeria coast

39 people are believed to have drowned this morning after their boat went down. The Spanish coastguard have been looking for a patera (immigrant boat) since Wednesday night after being warned that one with 54 passengers had set sail from Morroco to reach Spain. At midday today, 15 survivors from the wreck were discovered clinging to the remains of their inflatable boat 40 nautical miles off the coast. 13 men and 2 women. It is Continue reading 39 drown off Almeria coast

Fisherman attacked by shark off Almería

That should read “shark attacked by fisherman” as it bit him when he was trying to drag it onboard his fishing trawler. The man was on board the 17m long Nuevo Mirandilla fishing boat when he dragged aboard a tintoria, a blue shark. Whilst struggling with the 2metre long fish, it bit him hard on the hand, almost severing the limb. The coastguard sent a helicopter out to rescue the man, as his boat was Continue reading Fisherman attacked by shark off Almería

On why needing a tow at sea could bankrupt you

I was having a couple of beers with a retired fisherman and his son yesterday in Garrucha, and he was telling me an interesting story about rescue as sea. Old Antonio still has three large fishing boats in Garrucha port, and his son, a hulk of a chap, seems to be doing all right for himself, what with the prawns being back and all. So Antonio was reminiscing about the Coastguard (salvamiento maritimo) and their Continue reading On why needing a tow at sea could bankrupt you

2010 coastguard helicopter crash was pilot error

The Helimar coastguard helicopter crash in 2010 that killed three coastguards was down to the pilot getting confused, and the co-pilot not reading his instruments correctly, according to the official report, published today. The helicopter hit the water some five nautical miles off the coast of Almería when returning from nighttime exercises. A lack of night training for the pilots was also blamed.