Farmers decry weather manipulation

The provincial farmers union FERAL have announced that they are filing a complaint with the environmental police about the use of light aircraft to “seed” clouds with minerals to alter weather patterns. José Antonio Pérez from FERAL explained that his union is working with cooperative Asaja to prepare a joint complaint to back up an earlier denuncia filed by Murcian farmers earlier this summer. Snr Pérez said that the “number of complaints from our farmers Continue reading Farmers decry weather manipulation

Fun cloud spotted off the coast of Almería

Like it? It’s called an alborino and it’s a special cloud formation sometimes seen in the Alboran sea off the coast of Almería. It’s caused when the poniente winds hits the levante wind, causing a mini whirlwind up the sky. The big splot on the coast, by the way, are the greenhouses of El Ejido. Read more about Alborinos here on PS – don’t confuse with albariño which is of course the delicious crisp Continue reading Fun cloud spotted off the coast of Almería