RTVE teaching history – or why the Spanish don’t know much about it

My attention was drawn to TVE Clan the other day when I heard my son singing this rather catchy little number. Good song, but really, the historical inaccuracies made me twitch. And I’m not even going to get going on the symbolism of celebrating how Columbus is shown leaping onto the American continent with a big banner saying “mine”…. and then returning to general applause with lots of gold and a rather manky Mr Potato Continue reading

Palomares mass killer found guilty

Remember the chap who lost it back in 2011, took a gun to the main square of Palomares and killed three members of gypsy family who were extorting him? Juan Antonio Z.G. was originally found not guilty by jury of the three murders. But the public prosecutor appealed against the verdict and won, meaning the trial was reheard. The desired judgement has now been found. Juan was attacked by the father of the clan the Continue reading