A local woman is to become the first gitana beatified by the Catholic Church

A local gypsy woman who died during the Civil War is to become the first female Romany gitano to be beatified by the Catholic Church. Emilia Fernández Rodríguez was born in Tijola in 1913 and died in the ‘Gachas Colorás’ prison in 1939 after giving birth. Sra Fernández was born to a cave dwelling family and earnt her living weaving baskets, helping to support her family in this manner. In 1938 at the age of Continue reading

First pesetas, now they’re accepting civil war pesetas

You may have heard that a number of businesses have started accepting pesetas in their shops, the idea being to attract those customers who have a bunch of the old coinage still stashed away but not enough to make the trip to Madrid to change it for Euros. The idea seemed to start with a bar in Zaragoza, and was quickly taken up by a number of shops across the land, cumulating with the Almeria Continue reading

The Civil War in Turre

See that tiny little pole thingy just in front of the electric pylon? Here’s a close up. Do you know what it is yet? It’s a memorial. Shall I tell you what it says? “Here he gave his life for GOD and for SPAIN, the martyr D. Florencio Lopez Ejea, Priest of Turre, early one morning between the 16th and 17th of August of 1936, HERE.” Or, in Spanish, “Aqui dio su vida por DIOS Continue reading