A record year for filming

The province had a record year for filming last year, with no fewer than 91 permits being issued to film in the countryside across Almería. 14 of these were for long shoots (films, etc), 5 for short films and 4 for documentaries. Most of the rest were adverts, according to this news report from La Voz. We had the foo-foo French film ´Les Frères Sisters´ (the brother sisters, according to my schoolboy French), which is Continue reading A record year for filming

Some funny Spanish film titles

I was talking the other day about Spanish films and the way they like to retitle them into something different. Sometimes they don’t quite get the title right (IE, The 13th Warrior is called 13 warriors, which ain’t quite the same). Sometime they like to add a bit to the title (ie, Alfie become Alfie! El Seductor Irrestible). And sometimes they obviously don’t think the original title is any good and renamed it. (ie Adaptation Continue reading Some funny Spanish film titles