A local woman is to become the first gitana beatified by the Catholic Church

A local gypsy woman who died during the Civil War is to become the first female Romany gitano to be beatified by the Catholic Church. Emilia Fernández Rodríguez was born in Tijola in 1913 and died in the ‘Gachas Colorás’ prison in 1939 after giving birth. Sra Fernández was born to a cave dwelling family and earnt her living weaving baskets, helping to support her family in this manner. In 1938 at the age of Continue reading

Day 7: in which I retire to a monastery (island)

I awoke with my usual early morning vigour and jumped in the shower. The thing had another box on the wall, which made a hell of a noise. Turns out it had a pump inside to give extra power, and it was certainly a powerful jet. Michael and his Mum were still setting out breakfast so I went for a brisk constitutional around McCraigs tower. A rabbit ignored me as it vandalised the gardens. I Continue reading

Turre church dragged into local politics

A British evangelical church has been dragged into politics after Turre council received a number of requests by the opposition PP party to start supporting them. The Church said it was unaware of these moves on its behalf and added that the PP had refused to help when they were last in power. PP leader and ex-mayor Arturo Grima tabled several motions including one asking what measures the town council is taking to support work Continue reading

British foodbank dragged into local politics

Opposition party suggests dropping official foodbank and using British Church instead The ruling council of Turre is “baffled” to have received a number of requests by the opposition PP party to start supporting the local British food bank charity instead of setting up an official banco de alimentos in town – especially since the PP had refused to help the Church when they were last in power! In the last plenary meeting, PP leader and Continue reading

A dozen priests fired with papal authority for child abuse in Granada

At least a dozen Catholic priests have been “suspended from duties” from the Granada branch of the Church for sexual abuse of children. The Archbishop of Granada confirmed the order had been given with the full approval of the Pope, according to Catholic newspaper “Religión Digital”. The decision came after a series of complaints were lodged by people who claimed to have suffered abuse whilst at religious residencies across the province. The Public Prosecutor of Continue reading

12th century Virgin Mary found in ancient church

Utande is a tiny hamlet of just 16 people in Guadalajara. An ancient hamlet, with an ancient church. And father & son team Salvador Taberno, both professional builders, were carrying out some volunteer repair work at the church when they discovered a false wall. Breaking it down, behind it, they discovered the most perfectly preserved 12th century Virgin Mary ever found.

Abortion worse than the Spanish Civil War reckons the Church

Abortion has caused more pain, suffering and death in Spain than the Civil War, claimed the Bishop of Alcalá de Henares yesterday. Juan Antonio Reig Pla said it was a silent holocaust, and that all political parties and people of faith must join together to ensure abortion is banned. “Liberty of Women cannot be corrupted by defending the Right to Decide” he proclaimed. Nobody is quite sure what he’s on about. See if you can Continue reading

Turre Church commits blasphemy – shows Jesus in Mary’s womb!

It’s a bizarre story from Ideal.es that I hadn’t heard before- a local gynaecologist has repaired a stained glass window at Turre church, and inserted a picture of Jesus in Mary’s womb. Dr. Blas Carrillo, local of the town and a gynaecologist, had the idea and went ahead with it. Whether our overly rotund priest was informed of this before he did it, I do not know. Dr Blas says it’s the first time in Continue reading

Catholic Church about to “steal” the Corboda Mezquita for 30 euros

On the 2nd of March 2006, the Catholic Church of Cordoba quietly registered the famous Cordoba Mezquita as its own property, paying €30 in registration fees and no taxes due. This was permitted under the 1988 mortgage act, which permitted the long term users of properties to claim the ownership of the building. Under the law, if “interested parties” – the National Government – does not contest the registration within 10 years, the ownership is Continue reading

Old dear who “fixed” Ecce Homo mural wants her cut of the profits

Remember the old dear who “fixed” the mural on the wall of the church in Zaragoza? The one that turned out like a bear in a hat? Anyway, so many people are flocking through the doors of the church to look at it that she’s decided to sue the church if they don’t cough up her commission. She’s asked for a cut of the proceeds taken at the door, which she reckons amount to about Continue reading