Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

The following is a review submitted by Britt Arenander who is my spy on the Playa! But I fully agree with his opinions here! As I´m not into steaks and hamburgers I had never been to Cowboy Cocina on Mojácar playa, but it so happened that I ended up there with a visiting friend and was happily surprised. The menu is extensive and even includes a couple of vegetarian dishes, all reasonably priced. We shared Continue reading Cowboy Cocina, Mojacar Playa

Chilli bar vandalised

It appears the Chilli bar (Indian restaurant in Turre) was severely “smashed up” last night after some people broke in. Rumors as to why are… varied. Far be it from me to spread the four (different) tales I have heard so far. So I’ll do some digging. later It seems that at 5,30am, a car full of people turned up at the restaurant, attached some chains to the rejas and front door and drove forwards. Continue reading Chilli bar vandalised

Pizzeria & Indian Chilli

Posted: 13:20@22.08.07 Chili Pizzeria & Curry The opening of “Restaurant Chili Pizzeria” was anticipated with much wonder and excitement by my brother, who loves both Chilli and Pizza. As yet, no word back on how he found the Jalfrezi Pizza. It´s a mainly takeaway joint, on your right as you enter Turre from the Mojacar entrance. Parking is difficult, and I would advise you not to double park as the Locales do seem to be Continue reading Pizzeria & Indian Chilli