Roulette cheats nabbed

Two men from Roquetas de Mar have been arrested for using a radiofrequency device to cheat a roulette machine out of €1,900. The scam was cunning in its technological achievement (unless they just bought the thing off e-.bay) but naive in implementation. The two men arrived at a local casino last March 7 and within 20 minutes had won all the money. As the croupier became suspicious, the two men cashed in their winnings and Continue reading Roulette cheats nabbed

Cheating bullfighters under police investigation

It seems cheating is as endemic in bullfighting as so many other venues of life – the old practise of filing down the horns of the bulls is back in vogue. Police are investigating the remains of hundreds of slaughtered bulls from bullfights across Spain to see whether allegations of widespread cheating in the industry is true. It seems, according to television TVE (clip below), that it’s commonplace for the horns of the bulls to Continue reading Cheating bullfighters under police investigation