Yup, Turre is fining motorists via the CCTV

Spoke to Arturo the mayor this morning, and he confirmed that the Policia Local are using the CCTV in the village as a tool in their armoury against evil doers, nasty people, child molesters, war criminals and motorists. Actually, he first denied any knowledge of what was going on, but under pressure conceded that yes, it was possible. Sorry, but there is NO WAY that this is legal under Spanish law – Arturo said he Continue reading Yup, Turre is fining motorists via the CCTV

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Turre CCTV

Turre, a town which doesn’t believe in allowing a small thing like a 5 million euro debt (and not being able to pay small businesses their outstanding invoices) getting in the way of spending money, is happily installing CCTV throughout the town. As to whether it works, or where it goes to, these are questions that have yet to be answered.