PAWS closes cattery

PAWS has announced that it is closing its cattery, due to lack of resources and volunteers. They will continue to look after the animals in there, but they will refuse to accept any further admissions. The popular animal charity will now, it seems, be concentrating exclusively on adult dogs, as they also refuse to accept puppies. This, I assume, is because they don’t want to have to look after them for six months while they Continue reading PAWS closes cattery

Cats infesting local prison

Workers at El Acebuche, our local prison, have complained via the union UGT about the “infestation” of cats at the facility. It seems that up to 80 stray cats are living in and around the building, mainly wild. Prisoners do tend to drop them scraps, but they are creating a major hygiene problem, as well as keeping people awake at night with their yowling, mating and general nocturnal activities. UGT have said that it would Continue reading Cats infesting local prison