High winds cancel carnivals

Carnivals across the Levante were cancelled this afternoon due to the high winds. Pulpí, Garrucha and others all posted urgent messages on social media urging people not to go to the appointed marches as nothing was going to happen. The area continues under orange alert for high winds until midnight tonight. Nice but colder tomorrow. Oh, and the flag pole carrying the Vera flag on the roundabout outside the Galasa offices just went for a Continue reading High winds cancel carnivals

Bobbies versus la policia

UK policeman at Notting Hill carnival this weekend: Spanish police at a recent feria carrying out random breath tests on pedestrians: Ah, thank heavens we’re in the free for all laid back party going state of España , eh? While we’re on the subject of Spanish coppers, here’ s an (illustrated) Spanish joke: hur hur hur!

Real Madrid footballer in trouble after Batman Bull tease

Asier Illarramend is in trouble after breaking into a bull tease whilst dressed as Batman, and nearly getting gored. The Real Madrid star was out on the town at the carnivals of the Basque town of Azpeitia, dressed up as fancy dress with his mates, when they came across the bull, tied up and being poked by drunken kids.