Local foodbank stores ruined by sewage flood

The store-room of the Huercal-Overa Caritas food bank has been flooded by a blocked sewage pipe, and dozens of kilos of foodstuff have had to be binned. Caritas, the charitable organisation of the Catholic Church, said this was not the first time the basement room had flooded due to blocked sewage pipes running from the Costa Fleming urbanisation in which it’s sited, but this is the worst flood so far. Organiser Salvador Cabrera reckons 40 Continue reading Local foodbank stores ruined by sewage flood

Spain has 2.7 million children in borderline poverty

“Save the Children” has issued a warning saying that a third of all Spanish children, or about 2.7 million children, are at risk of “social exclusion” by being in borderline or actual poverty conditions. The charity says the crisis that forced Spain down the lists, and only Romania has a higher level of child poverty in the EU.

Over 10,000 homeless in province warns charity

There are now over 10,000 people living in the streets, according to Cáritas Diocesana de Almeria, the Christian charity, who add that over 25,000 houses in the province have been seized by the financial institutions and are lying empty. The charity estimates that 7,000 of these homeless live in the plastic greenhouses of the Poniente, over El Ejido way, and the others are scattered around the major urban areas. Many of these people are illegal Continue reading Over 10,000 homeless in province warns charity