Lobsters for Carboneras

A German investor is to open a lobster farm in Carboneras. Luis Feldman has presented a project developed in association with the universities of Almeria and Hannover to farm 50.000 kilos of lobster a year in a 5.000 square metre warehouse. The project will also grow a species of edible saltwater plant called “Salicornia”, a delicacy known as the “asparagus of the sea”. Mr Feldman’s project involves a bioaquatic ecosystem that allows the organic ranching Continue reading

Mesa Roldán in Carboneras is falling down

The watchtower of Mesa Roldán in Carboneras is “neglected and in danger of collapse” according to a complaint filed by the friends of the Cabo de Gata last week. The association accuses the local council and the regional government of wasting the tourism possibilities of the tower, which was built in 1766 to guard the coast.As an interesting side-note, the tower was built to the wrong specifications and when the local militia dragged some massive Continue reading

Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros

The President of the Andalucian Supreme Court today said that the demolition of the El Algarrobico hotel is assured and just waiting for a political decision. Supreme Judge Lorenzo del Río was asked about yesterday’s decision by his superiors in Madrid, and said that judicially there are no obstacles. “It is 100% a political decision when to send in the bulldozers” he said. And President Susana Diaz of Andalucia said that “Justice has finally been Continue reading

Carboneras Mayor in trouble for being a sexist pig

The Mayor of Carboneras is in trouble after being rather sexist during the last plenary meeting, and the opposition are demanding he quits. The trouble started during a heated argument over something or other during the meeting. One of the PSOE (female) councillors butted in, causing Mayor Salvador (GICAR) to roar back at her “[all] be quiet and respectful when a man is talking”. The Mayor has rebutted saying that he spoke in the plural Continue reading

Carboneras to star in “Game of Thrones”

Carboneras will take a star part in the next season of Game of Thrones according to its mayor, who went public today with the news that HBO will be filming there in October. The beautiful area of Mesa Roldán, which has a famous watch tower, will be a backdrop for several scenes. Other sets will be setup in the Alcazaba, Tabernas, Sorbas and El Chorillo (in Sierra Alhamilla) according to the Mayor.

200 million euro upgrade for Carboneras power plant

The government has given the go ahead for a 200 million euro upgrade to the Carboneras power plant, which will create 800 mainly local jobs during the works. It’s believed to be the single largest industrial investment this year in Spain. The Italian Enel group, which owns Endesa and the Carboneras power plant, wants to bring the dirty ancient polluting monster up to code – actually, it has no choice, as it’s the most polluting Continue reading

Algarrobico building license declared legal

The Supreme Court of Andalucia has ruled that the building license of the Algarrobico hotel was issued legally, confirming an earlier decision, and overturning an appeal of nullity by the Junta de Andalucia, Ecologista en Accion and Salvemos Mojacar who all wanted it thrown out. However, because the Junta de Andalucia did not formally appeal an earlier decision by a lower court, instead contenting itself to questioning some of the evidence the ruling was based Continue reading

Junta asks for police warrant to demolish the Algarrobico hotel

The Junta de Andalucia has asked for judicial permission to enter the Algarrobico hotel grounds and demolish it for once and for all, despite delaying tactics by the builder. A request for a warrant was filed with the Supreme Court on Friday asking for permission to bypass the builder Azata del Sol SL, and requesting police protection for demolition experts to enter the area at will. The request also asks the court for an order Continue reading

The case of the missing Carboneras art works

In 2009, The artistic mayor of Carboneras Cristóbal Fernández order the purchase of a complete set limited edition reproductions of the works of famous Spanish painter Goya. These 80 artworks, issued by group Planeta, never arrived at the townhall, and the current administration is asking where they are. (Suspiciously closer to the elections than the discovery of the theft, but never mind). Councillor of culture Josefa Cruz Orta authorised the purchase of the anti-war prints, Continue reading

Algarrobico building license was legal, rules High Court

The flipping hotel was built on a legal building license, and the claims by the ecologists have been thrown out of court on a technicality, the High Court of Andalucia ruled today. The Algarrobico building license was legally issued according to the situation at the time (2003) said the panel of judges today, overturning a series of lower court rulings that all said the opposite. The ruling furthermore states that the rights of the promoter Continue reading