AVE tunnel is sealed off as it’s recognised we won’t get train this decade

The AVE tunnels under the Cabrera mountains in Sorbas are being sealed up, in order to protect them and save costs until work on the line can be restarted. ADIF, the railways operator, recognising that Almería probably won’t see a high speed train this decade, has decided the best thing to do is wall them up so it doesn’t have to worry about kids getting in, etc.

11 aerial units battle fires in Levante this morning

11 aerial units continue to patrol the skies controlling the three fires which started last night in the Levante. According to the authorities, last nights storm caused over 2,000 lightening strikes which set off three major fires in Turre, Mojacar and Huercal Overa. Overnight in Huercal Overa, three units of 28 firefighters supported by environmental agents fought the flames in the dark, and the hamlet of El Saltador was evacuated. In Mojacar, a similar number Continue reading 11 aerial units battle fires in Levante this morning

Fires in mountains after electrical storm

Tonights electrical storm has left at least two large forest fires blazing in the Cabrera mountains, and another away at the bottom of the Almanzora above Huercal Overa. The visible fires from Turre are a large one the other side of the mountains below Los Moralicos, and further up the mountains towards Los Giles, although positioning them exactly is difficult in the dark. Emergency vehicle lights are clearly visible as they crisscross the mountains. The Continue reading Fires in mountains after electrical storm

-10ºC tonight!

Watch out if you’re in the high mountains of the province, as a blast of Siberian cold reaches the province. Temperatures are expected to dip as low as -10ºC in the high mountains of Los Vélez, high Almanzora valley and Nacimiento, it should be the coldest night since 2005. Last time it got this cold, it snowed in Almerimar! The weather girl on TVE last night indicated that the snow level for the province could Continue reading -10ºC tonight!

Mountaintop defense post construction starts

Work has started on a national defense post atop the Cerro de la mezquita, the highest peak of the Cabrera range above Turre – the mountaintop just next to the electric pylons, with the TV and radio antennas on them. The defense post is part of the national SIVE maritime surveillance scheme, which constants scans Spains’ borders to detect intruders – normally, illegal immigrants from Morocco and drug dealers. As this is part of “national Continue reading Mountaintop defense post construction starts

A spooky coincidence from Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a car that constantly ruins any attempt of mine to search the social web for Los Gallardos. Google seems to equate “Los Gallardos” with “Lam Gallardo”, understandably seeing as not that many people twitter about Los Gallardos. Anyway, I’ve just spotted that the Lamborghini Gallardo production has ended. A successor to the model has been announced. Guess what they’re calling it? The Cabrera. Wow. So, is the designer actually from Mojácar? Continue reading A spooky coincidence from Lamborghini

John Freeborn passes away

John Freeborn, a man resident for many years during the 80’s and 90’s in Cortijo Grande with his wife Peta has passed away at the age of 90 back in the UK, and has been graced with obituaries in The Times and The Telegraph. Obiturary of Wing Commander John Freeborn (TheTimes.co.uk). Obiturary of Wing Commander John Freeborn (Telegraph.co.uk). Although we knew that he had been a high ranking commander in the RAF, I was unaware Continue reading John Freeborn passes away

Cortijo Grande gossip

From a reader: Hi David! Love your site and all your reviews/gossip etc! We are coming back to Cortijo Grande in a couple of weeks and you seem to know everything about the area/where to eat etc so I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me? I heard a rumour that Los Limoneros had closed down? Is that true? Is Finca Listonero re-opened for the evenings yet? Is it still a Continue reading Cortijo Grande gossip

Snow in Cabrera

Just returned from a snowball fight up in the mountains above Cabrera. Lots of lovely snow. Here’ s a few pictures. All right, we’re not talking about the depths of the Scandinavian winter here, but it’s good fun. Ironically enough, as somebody has just moodily emailed me to point out, this is the weekend that John Gaunt was paid to come here and tell everyone how lovely and warm Mojácar is in the winter.  Ah, Continue reading Snow in Cabrera