Cabrera land grab could be annulled

Mayor Morales’s controversial change of Cabrera’s ruling committee structure could be over-turned in this Mondays plenary meeting after the PP tabled a motion to annul his decree. And Morales has tabled a motion to annul the 1993 Cabrera decision on voting rights of residents to try to balance things out. First things first: Morales had unilaterally decided -against the wishes of his fellow councillors, an apparent majority of owners up there and the recommendations of Continue reading

Mayor Morales demands public prosecutor investigates illegal homes in Cabrera

Costa Almería News is reporting that mayor Martin Morales has “lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor” over Cortijo Cabrera, asking them to investigate illegal homes in the mountains. See this week’s Costa Almería News for the full story (page 3), but in short, he claims developers and previous mayors may have committed planning crimes there and wants an independent judicial investigation. So if you have a home that is not 100 % legal up Continue reading

Turre council implodes – mayor Martín cast adrift

Turre council imploded today after mayor Morales expelled his only party councillor, Maria Luisa Cervantes, from the ruling body. The move means that the association ‘Somos Turre’ has now been split into two. Morales returns to his previous party as a communist IU councillor, whilst Maria Luisa is now an independent councillor under the Somos Turre brand. It also leaves Morales head of a hamstrung minority government, a solitary figure backed up only with the Continue reading

The Cabrera land grab – a look at how it worked

Costa Almería News broke the news this week that Mayor Morales of Turre had signed a decree to take over the running of Cabrera village. What does this actually mean? I had a read of some documents to find out. First off, let’s explain the situation. Cabrera isn’t run by the council (although home-owners still have to pay IBI). Instead, it’s technically a partially finished urbanisation, which means it’s run by a junta de compensación, Continue reading

Turre in land grab move

There is a fascinating article in this week’s Costa Almería News in which Mayor Martin of Turre explains how he’s going to bring the mountain urbanisations of Cabera and Cortijo Grande under council control. It seems there is a plan afoot for the council to take over the running of the Juntas of both urbanisations, and then finish off urbanisation proceedings there. Mayor Martin talks of a 3,3 million euro investment project that will have Continue reading

Builder demonstrate at Turre townhall

A group of builders staged a demonstration in Turre’s townhall building today. They were protesting against a council order to stop work on a new building in Cabrera. The workers of Jose Gerez and their families congregated at the council offices to protest against the paralyzing of works. Snr Gerez said that his workers wanted to know “from the Mayor himself why they were not allowed to work and feed their families”. Mayor Morales made Continue reading

Local shepherd falls to death in Turre

A local shepherd has been found dead in the high mountains above Turre. 51 year old Paco usually returned his goats to his shed late at night and returned home at around midnight, but last night he did not come home and eventually his family alerted the emergency services. Police and the fire brigade were out searching for him all this morning and eventually found his body in a high canyon above Turre. It was Continue reading

AVE tunnel is sealed off as it’s recognised we won’t get train this decade

The AVE tunnels under the Cabrera mountains in Sorbas are being sealed up, in order to protect them and save costs until work on the line can be restarted. ADIF, the railways operator, recognising that Almería probably won’t see a high speed train this decade, has decided the best thing to do is wall them up so it doesn’t have to worry about kids getting in, etc.

11 aerial units battle fires in Levante this morning

11 aerial units continue to patrol the skies controlling the three fires which started last night in the Levante. According to the authorities, last nights storm caused over 2,000 lightening strikes which set off three major fires in Turre, Mojacar and Huercal Overa. Overnight in Huercal Overa, three units of 28 firefighters supported by environmental agents fought the flames in the dark, and the hamlet of El Saltador was evacuated. In Mojacar, a similar number Continue reading