Activists Push To Keep Bullfighting in Spain

– The sport once romanticized by famous author Ernest Hemingway has lost its luster in recent years and supporters are now trying to get it back. Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy and Nobel literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa are among 590,000 people who have signed a petition to Parliament urging bullfighting to be protected nationally and for a regional ban to be overturned. Posted from WordPress for Android – mobile blogging!

University of Almería starts classes in bullfighting culture

Controversy from the henna wearing ones as the University of Almería signed a contract with Taurino businessman Oscar Martinez to start a class in bullfighting and the culture, history and art associated with it. The course will offer a whole range of studies, from dance to popular culture to legal and moral aspects of bullfighting culture.

No to bullfighting in Paterna referendum

Today the city of Paterna, in Valencia, held a referendum on whether or not to allow to continuation of bullfighting and the traditional “corrida” held there every year. 68% said NO. Despite the fact that ony 15% of the community voted, the mayor agreed to abide by the results of the referendum, and there will no longer be any “blood sports” celebrated in Paterna as from now. 8305 people voted, 2554 voting yes and 5569 Continue reading No to bullfighting in Paterna referendum

Futbol Vaca

Now, I know that there isn’t much to do in Valladolid, but this takes the biscuit. A local restaurant owner has taken things a bit further in his attempt to get stag parties and corporate dos in: he’s built a football field cum bullring. So the teams play football while bulls run around trying to gore them. Half the teams are bullfighting, half the team playing football. Until you see it on TV you won’t Continue reading Futbol Vaca


Bullfighting It’s an emotive subject. Hate it or love it, everybody’s got an opinion about it. The general stereotype given out by the Brits about the Spanish is that Spaniards don’t care about animals. Urban myths and real stories have combined in the public imagination and generated a belief that all Spaniards will either eat, work to death, kill for fun or ignore animals. Possibly, for the “Older” generation, this might be true. To a Continue reading Bullfighting