Real Madrid footballer in trouble after Batman Bull tease

Asier Illarramend is in trouble after breaking into a bull tease whilst dressed as Batman, and nearly getting gored. The Real Madrid star was out on the town at the carnivals of the Basque town of Azpeitia, dressed up as fancy dress with his mates, when they came across the bull, tied up and being poked by drunken kids.

Barcelona bans all bullfight related festivals

Barcelona city council, having banned bullfighting back in 2012, is going a step further and banning the simulation of bull fighting, as well as all festivals involving bulls. The prohibition means that mock bull fights which involve teasing or distressing the animal are banned, as are corridas or any public spectacle which involves the death of the animal. Also banned are those traditional implements of torture used during the bullfight, la pica, la banderilla and Continue reading Barcelona bans all bullfight related festivals

Bull with flaming balls of wax attached to head fatally gores man in eastern Spain

A flaming-horned bull trampled and fatally gored a man early Saturday during a festival in eastern Spain, an official said. Large balls of flaming wax are traditionally affixed to the beasts’ heads before they are let loose to rampage through squares and narrow streets in such festivals…. Posted from WordPress for Android – mobile blogging!