British tax payers subsidise unregulated Spanish bull fights

British taxpayers give £13.5 million each year through the common agricultural policy to Spanish farmers who rear fighting bulls that are subjected to cruelty in village fiestas, a report by an animal rights group claimed yesterday. Animal Equality has called on the European Union to cease funding for Spanish bull breeders after carrying out an undercover investigation into the fiestas, which are not subject to the same controls as established bullfights. In a graphic video Continue reading British tax payers subsidise unregulated Spanish bull fights

Real Madrid footballer in trouble after Batman Bull tease

Asier Illarramend is in trouble after breaking into a bull tease whilst dressed as Batman, and nearly getting gored. The Real Madrid star was out on the town at the carnivals of the Basque town of Azpeitia, dressed up as fancy dress with his mates, when they came across the bull, tied up and being poked by drunken kids.

Ric Polankys new book about bullfighting published

My old pal Ric Polanksy’s latest book, “Ole! Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century” is out and available on Amazon. Ric tells me that: Within it’s pages you’ll find the best photos on this planet concerning “the bulls” along with some very erudite writings on the subject. Hemingway’s grandson has contributed along with Jim Merys who did the biography on the English matador Henry Higgins and many more. Well worth Continue reading Ric Polankys new book about bullfighting published

Anti bullfighting rally in Almeria

Ecologistas en Accion are organising an anti-bullfighting antitaurina rally in Almeria on the 23rd (Thursday). Instructions are that it is to be peaceful, yet noisy. Meeting at the corner of Calle Enrique Granados with Calle Amadeo Vives and then through the centre. Traffic is not to be disrupted, and permissions have been granted, etc etc etc. Press release follows:

Catalunya bans bullfighting

Catalunya has taken a further step away from Spanish identity with todays decision in the local Parliament (Generalitat) to ban bullfighting. 68 regional MP’s voted YES to the motion, with 55 against and 9 abstentions. The law will come into force in 2012 and ban all organised bullfights. The law came into being after a popular motion was carried by animal rights groups to the Generalitat, after they gathered sufficient voters signatures (180,000) to force Continue reading Catalunya bans bullfighting