Turre bridge repaired

Emergency repairs being carried out on the ‘Puente Vaquero’ bridge in Turre to reinforce washed out foundations have been finished. Extensive work has been underway for the last three weeks and last Thursday senior politicians came to Turre to oversee the end of the repairs. The bridge’s foundations have been reinforced with one ton boulders and rubble. Turre’s famous bridge was in “severe danger” of collapse after its foundations were undermined. Water gushing over the Continue reading Turre bridge repaired

Turre bridge repairs full of water

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about the Puente Vaquero in Turre being at risk of collapse because its foundations were being washed out. Since then, a digger has been busy making a mess ahead of fixing the foundations. A bludy big hole was made….. which last night filled with water. I reckon the workers may be swearing a bit when they go back to work tomorrow!

Turre’s famous bridge at risk of collapse

The puente Vaquero, the stunning arched bridge over the river, is at risk of collapse because its soft sandstone bases are being undermined, according to an engineer at the road department. Turre council have been warned that whilst an informal report has been submitted to the county council, who own and are in charge of the bridge, not much is being planned at the moment. It should be fine unless we get another big flood, Continue reading Turre’s famous bridge at risk of collapse

Antas bridge to be rebuilt

The bridge at Antas that collapsed during the Sept 2012 storms is finally going to be rebuilt. Four out of the 15 spans of this bridge were washed away in the flood. The new section of the bridge will replace these with just two spans, which will allow 167% more water underneath, it seems. It’s being built by Progall (surprise!) at a cost of €358.000. Mayor Isabel Belmonte reckons a thousand lorries are having to Continue reading Antas bridge to be rebuilt