Lorca clears the way for charity bingo within city limits

Lorca council has established a framework within which charity bingo can legally be played within city limits. An OAP club was recently visited by police and inspectors after it organised a weekly fun bingo. The Mayor was somewhat outraged and Stepped In. He’s now negotiated a framework with the Murcian tax office clarifying the rules. In short, your club can now organise a weekly not-for-profit bingo, in which all winnings are returned to the players, Continue reading Lorca clears the way for charity bingo within city limits

Bingo cancellations throughout the Levante

After the rumour that a bar in Las Bouganvillas (Vera Playa) was fined 8,000€ for a game of bingo, there has been a flurry of cancelations from bars who used to have bingo nights. Blue Lagoon, El Naranjo, Rolys, all have canceled their bingo this week. Of course, Bingo in Spain is heavily regulated – the cards have to be officially printed (a tax), all the moneys have to be registered (a tax), the central Continue reading Bingo cancellations throughout the Levante

Expat bingo

Expats along the costas love bingo. No, I’m not kidding. Bingo along the coast is a huge, multi million euro business that is completely beneath the Spanish Authorities radar, and remains that way for as long as no Spaniard ventures into the expat bar with his or her five euro stake. But we’re not talking about quiet, sanitised bingo in large bingo halls, with comfy seats and a nice banker on hand if you win Continue reading Expat bingo