Idiots scare off sea turtle laying eggs in Cuevas

A sea turtle climbed out of the sea in last night on El Calón (Cuevas) beach beach, only to be surrounded by over 100 idiotic youths who started taking flash photos and playing with it. Naturally enough, the turtle took fright and buggered off, eggs unlaid. These sea turtles are a heavily protected species under EU law, and the Guardia Civil’s environmental wing told local media that they are collecting online photos such as the Continue reading

Vehicular access to Cabo de Gata beaches barred again this summer

Access by vehicle to the Cabo de Gata nature park beaches of San José will be restricted between June 18 and September 18 this year, as is normal. Visitors to these beaches must park in the village of San José and take a bus which runs to the different tourist areas. The virgin beaches nearby do not have capacity for the hundreds of cars which turn up on a daily basis, and so access is Continue reading

Junta admits raw sewage leak days before beach closure

The regional government has backtracked on earlier claims and quietly admitted it knew the local water company was pumping raw sewage into the sea just days before an outbreak of toxic algae forced beaches to close this summer. The environment ministry now says that on June 13 a break in the main sewage pipe to the Villaricos treatment plant forced Galasa to pump 216.000 litres of untreated sewage straight into the Villaricos sea over 46 Continue reading

Dead sea turtle appears on Vera Playa

A large sea turtle has been found dead on Vera beach, just outside Garrucha. It was some 70 cm across. No news on how it died, but it probably ate too many plastic bags (they go after them in the water thinking they’re jellyfish). So if you’ve ever let a plastic bag fly away from you on the beach – YOU PROBABLY KILLED IT. Possibly. It’s recently been the breeding season for them, and the Continue reading

Three saved from drowning on Mojacar beach

Three people have been saved on La Rumina beach in Mojacar just hours after a man drowned on another nearby Mojacar beach. Emergency services were called at 18:20 after the three people were spotted struggling against currents offshore. Two of the people were rescued by Civil protection units and the third was rescued by other bathers. All were taken to the medical centre for a checkup, being exhausted and cold but are said to be Continue reading

Man drowns on Mojacar beach

A 59 year old man from Madrid drowned on Bancal beach in Mojacar (down towards Hotel Best Indalo) this afternoon after he was dashed against rocks by strong currents. Other bathers raised the alarm when they realised the man was in trouble and lifeguards rushed to the area, but the man had suffered a severe head wound from the rocks. All they could do was bring him back to the beach and perform CPR. But Continue reading

Adra to let dogs onto a beach

Dogs will be allowed on the beach and in the sea on Adra’s La Rana beach after the city council voted to change the regulations there. The regulations must still be changed and approved before the animals forbidden signs are taken down. Dogs will be allowed on the beach 24 hours a day throughout the off season and during certain hours of the day during peak season. Manuel Cortés said that this was a momentous Continue reading

Black season for local beaches Four people have drowned this year and dozens more rescued from dangerous currents

A 35 year old Frenchman drowned on Monday off la Cala del Plomo beach in Cabo de Gata natural park, becoming the fourth tourist to drown in our seas this season after a week in which dozens of people had to be rescued from dangerous currents along the levante shores of Almeria and Murcia. Alexis Pineda, Nijar councillor for beaches, said the incident was a tragedy caused by strong currents and that two other people Continue reading

Beach lab day

A roaming laboratory has been on beaches in Almería to teach locals about marine conservation efforts. Juan Jesús Martín, director of the ´Aula del Mar´ said that “this is an information point that aims to teach beachgoers on the need to conserve their beaches, and to inform upon the existence of important populations of marine invertebrates living on recreational beaches across Almería”. The lab will shortly continue on its tour of Malaga, Granada and Cádiz Continue reading