Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)

´Twas Maters birthday. I promised to make no jokes about this year, so that is all I shall say on the annual event. However, seeing as I had a small win on the Premium Bonds, I thought I´d send her away for a couple of days to relax and recover for her recent hectic period of hard work. (The win was very small, and happened after I had booked the place, but it´s a good Continue reading Casa Joya (Velez Rubio)

The Travellers Inn, Albox

 While pottering around in the wilds above Albox, I realised that it was lunch time. Feeling hungry, feeling lost, feeling desolate, I happened across the Travellers Inn, in Los Marcelinos. Navigating the steep little incline down into the car park, I noticed a sign stating “English Tourist Board: 2 crowns”. No idea what that is all about, is it even permitted to have that sign up? What would the Junta say? It says it a Continue reading The Travellers Inn, Albox