Thank you, Banco de Andalucia

Lovely bank, the Banco de Andalucia. They just gave me (2) free Wii’s, together with associated “Wii fit”. Cojonudo. Oh, and they’re letting me distribute “The Reader” in several of their offices. LATER While the Wii Fit confirms that I’m a fat bastard, I still have much better reflexes and a much younger Wii Age than the supposedly (ideal weight and smaller) girlfriend. Ha Ha Ha

Banco de Andalucia online banking (part 2)

You will remember that Banco de Andalucía gave me online banking access to a new company account I setup with them (remember that it’s the bank I use for several different accounts). However, despite the fact that I use them quite a bit, they didn’t want to give me a VISA credit card for that account until I started using it. Although I do have a few cards on other accounts. But, they did give Continue reading Banco de Andalucia online banking (part 2)

An apology followed by an angry rant

First of all, allow me to apologise for my offhand remark about Dell yesterday. The charger has turned up in the post this morning (so only 4 working days instead of 2, not bad, but less than the 2 weeks they emailed me) and if it works (I haven’t tried it yet) I shall be a happy bunny. Secondly, Banco Andalucía informed me that they can’t give me a credit card on a new account Continue reading An apology followed by an angry rant