An interview with Willie

Willie Meyers, despite his name and little jackboots, is a Cádiz born member of the IU who is an MEP and one of the backers of the Auken report. The Reader had an exclusive little chat with him while he was down in Turre recently and he explained his plan to table a question in  parliament to force the Junta to announce if they were going to obey the Auken report or not. You can Continue reading An interview with Willie

Auken to give free conference on property abuse

Margret Auken, the nice MEP who slammed property abuse in Spain, turning her into a god-like figure for AUAN, AUN and similar organisations (many  with almost the same name) is attending a property conference in Alicante at the end of the month. Free conference on property abuse in Alicante The conference will cover the basics of “land grab” laws, which the EU has ruled illegal, and will also discuss issues such as property rights, planning abuse Continue reading Auken to give free conference on property abuse