Phoenician village excavated in Villaricos and now open to the public

A Phoenician village dating from around 800 BCE has been excavated by archaeologists and is now open to visits from the public in Villaricos. Cuevas townhall and the Junta de Andalucía have been working together to make the area safe for visitors and it was opened this week. [Adsense-C]

5000 year old cave painting destroyed in Jaen

“Los Escolares” is a small cave, so called because it was discovered in 1973 by a bunch of schoolkids on an outing. The kids, venturing into this 1,5 metre square cave in Santa Elena (Jaen), were amazed to find an intact 5,000 year old cave painting at the back of the cave. The painting was later classified as an artefact worthy of being part of “history of humanity” by UNESCO, but it’s never been sealed Continue reading 5000 year old cave painting destroyed in Jaen