Turre launches feedback app

Turre has launched a new mobile phone app to allow citizens to give instant feedback to the council on small problems across the town. I’ve downloaded it and while it’s missing quite a bit of content, the basic functionality is there. It’s alright for citizens, but not much good for tourists. Bizarrely, all of the “council information” such as bylaws, council meetings and the like are for other towns, as is a list of newborns Continue reading Turre launches feedback app

Policia launch mobile phone app for denuncias

The Policia Nacional have launched a smartphone app for citizens to denounce crimes they witness from their phones. It’s called alertcops (and why not? I’m sure the average Spaniard will remember that name) and it’s available for Android and iPhone. The English language description says that AlertCops is a citizen security alert system of the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE in Spanish) This service allows a citizen to send an alert from a mobile device Continue reading Policia launch mobile phone app for denuncias

El Mundo launches new mobile app and it´s rubbish

El Mundo has launched a new Android mobile app and, sorry, it´s rubbish. (They won´t let me comment on the news story about it, so I thought I´d whine about it here). So before I could select any Spanish region (ie, Andalucia regional news) within just two easy fingerclicks. Now, it takes me 4. The lefthand menu is too big and clumsy, I have to scroll for ages up and down, going past lots of Continue reading El Mundo launches new mobile app and it´s rubbish