Fadesa overvalued its Antas land by 3000%

Martinsa Fadesa, the huge builder that recently went bust owing billions, and the company behind the Ballabona golf course project in Antas (never built, but planned to be part of Llano Central, but we can forget about that now) artifically revalued it’s holdings in Antas and Lucainena de los Torres by 3000%. To be brief, they brought the land for €4,2 million, but put it down as an asset worth €132 million. It was thanks Continue reading Fadesa overvalued its Antas land by 3000%

Antas Fiestas

Fiestas in Antas! Starting this Friday, with all the usual noise and excitement. The difference with the Antas fiesta is the pleasent walk/drive out of town on the Saturday (starting at 12 noon) when the statue of the Virgen is taken out of the church and born aloft to the top of the “Cabezo Maria”, which is the old building you can see ontop of the hill to the left as you drive towards Antas Continue reading Antas Fiestas

Millindurrio, Antas

Posted: 09:19@10.07.06 500m off the Antas/Vera crossroads (assuming it´s still open, with all the current roadworks) towards Antas, just before Ramblizo on the left, is Millindurrio, a small Spanish family run restaurant that I´ve been visiting on and off over the last few years. It´s one of those strange beasts that, despite relative success and longevity, hasn´t actually lost quality. And it does a damn fine menu del dia for only 10E. When the food Continue reading Millindurrio, Antas