PAWS spends how much per animal?

PAWS, our local animal charity, has come out with the surprising figure that it costs them a massive 415€ to rehome a single dog. I’m sorry, what are we talking about here? Pedigree chihuahuas? Prize winning greyhounds? No, we’re talking about campo dogs. So, PAWS blew 145,000€ – their figure, not mine! – to rehome a lousy 301 dogs and some 50 cats in 2011. Sit back, let that sink in. 301 dogs = 145,000€. Continue reading PAWS spends how much per animal?

PAWS closes cattery

PAWS has announced that it is closing its cattery, due to lack of resources and volunteers. They will continue to look after the animals in there, but they will refuse to accept any further admissions. The popular animal charity will now, it seems, be concentrating exclusively on adult dogs, as they also refuse to accept puppies. This, I assume, is because they don’t want to have to look after them for six months while they Continue reading PAWS closes cattery