Capitan the rescued donkey “as good as new”

Capitan was the donkey that was roaming wild amongst the back streets of Almería city, being stoned by children and ill treated by certain people for amusement, until the poorest section of the city demanded that action was taken. Eventually, thanks to pressure from a section of society not usually associated with authority or helping the police (other than “with their enquiries”), Capitan was rescued, his former owner was found and prosecuted, the kids who Continue reading Capitan the rescued donkey “as good as new”

Municipal Dog Pound closed after environmental police damming report

The municipal dog pound of Velez Rubio has been “urgently” closed by the Mayor after a spot inspection by Seprona, the environmental police, found “appalling and inhumane” conditions at the place. Seprona has filed a criminal complaint against the town for the condition of the pound. Dogs were found to be ill treated, starving, dead and rotting animals in pens, some of which were being eaten by other starving dogs, and an abundance of parasitic Continue reading Municipal Dog Pound closed after environmental police damming report

Three arrested for animal cruelty to Capitan the donkey in Almeria

Capitan the donkey was a little African ass that was found, malnourished and badly treated, wandering the poorer section of Almeria city. The locals of the area, despite not being known for cooperating with the police, did call them several times to report the animal, and the fact that wandering gangs of kids kept attacking it.

Outcry over abandoned donkey in Almeria

Citizens have united to demand a police investigation into an abandoned and maltreated little donkey found wandering the old quarter of Almeria city earlier this month. Little capitan as he’s now known, was spotted several times wandering the back streets and fields of the city, and several people complained to the Local Police about the animal, about which they were concerned. Indeed, it is alleged that a couple of times residents called the police -not Continue reading Outcry over abandoned donkey in Almeria

Murcia “farm of horrors” raided by police

A Murcian rancher is in jail after police raided his farm and discovered many malnutrition and dying animals. As part of “Operation Dieta”, a crackdown on pet abuse across the Region, police had been investigating smallholders to see if they were keeping their animals in good condition when they stumbled across the farm in Molina de Segura.

Real Madrid footballer in trouble after Batman Bull tease

Asier Illarramend is in trouble after breaking into a bull tease whilst dressed as Batman, and nearly getting gored. The Real Madrid star was out on the town at the carnivals of the Basque town of Azpeitia, dressed up as fancy dress with his mates, when they came across the bull, tied up and being poked by drunken kids.

Tossing the turkey festival in Jaen – it glided three stories quite well

Animal rights activists have spent the afternoon filing criminal complaints against anyone they could think of, after a live turkey was thrown off a church tower in Cazalilla, Jaen this afternoon. It’s one of the lovely traditions the Yanks eulogise, where to celebrate some damn saint, the locals have nothing better to do than to take  a live turkey up three flights of stairs before throwing it out of a window. Well, at least it Continue reading Tossing the turkey festival in Jaen – it glided three stories quite well

Vitoria enacts “savage” animal protection laws

The Basque city of Vitoria has voted in “savage” animal protection laws, which the city council claims are the strongest in Spain. However, donkey races and bullfighting are still permitted. The council claims that they have no powers to control these acts, and as such they have not attempted to exceed the limits of their powers. However, ex-councillor of Culture, Encina Serrano, told a newspaper that the townhall was simply too scared of the backlash Continue reading Vitoria enacts “savage” animal protection laws

4 arrested for execution of animals and theft

A police patrol was lurking around some cortijos last night in the Rambla de Belen after some denuncias that animals and tools had been disappearing from sheds and farms in the area, as well as the appearance of dead and mutilated animals in the area. Around dawn, the patrol spotted several youths on scooters with bulky packages who entered the area off the motorway, and upon seeing the police ran into an abandoned cortijo. The Continue reading 4 arrested for execution of animals and theft