Junta seeks to mitigate effects of Brexit

Brexit has panicked the Junta, as it has the potential to devastate the economy of the region. Now President Susana Diaz has ordered the creation of a high-level working group to analyse the possible effects, and recommend a plan of action. The new working group is composed of senior civil servants from just about every Andalusian ministry, reporting back directly to the council of ministers of Andalucía. The minister of agriculture suggested last week that Continue reading

A lovely time at the Royal British Legion in Mojacar

I had a lovely time this morning in the Royal British Legion meeting rambling on about the history of the area. Well, I did, I don’t know about the poor blighters who had to listen to me. I was there to talk about my book Turre – a history. Coming soon to a bookshop near you (and available now via Amazon in print or Kindle). Many interesting and intelligent questions were put to me, and Continue reading

Parliamentary Bill to change the LOUA – so far so good

Yesterday, 7th of October, the first reading of the Parliamentary Bill, to deal with illegal land divisions (parcelaciones urbanísticas) containing irregular houses, took place in the Parliament of Andalucia.   As Gerardo Vazquez, spokesperson for AUAN, and other associations, and who was present during the parliamentary session explained ‘Those affected support this change and in general are pleased with it. Obviously, it does not cure everything and we must continue to work. Whilst it is Continue reading

Susana Diaz fails in first attempt to become President of Andalucia

The Parliament of Andalucia voted against the investiture of Susana Diaz (PSOE) as President this afternoon. All three opposition parties voted against her. Her 47 PSOE MP’s voted for her, but the 62 MP’s of the PP, Podemos and Cuidadanos all voted against her. The result was mainly expected. She needed an absolute majority to become President. She will have a second opportunity this Friday, when she will only need a simple majority to become Continue reading

Chaves & Griñán thrown to the judicial wolves to save the PSOE-A

Susana Díaz may be President of Andalucía after all next week, after her two predecessors Manuel Chaves & José Griñán both announced they would quit politics at the next elections. It is impossible for Susana to become President at next weeks investiture without the support of some of the opposition parties, and both Podemos & Cuidadanos have drawn “lines in the sand” which Susana’s PSOE party have to agree to first. The first of the Continue reading

Short term lets to be regulated by Tourism Ministry from January onwards

Do you rent out your apartment or house for short periods and live in Andalucia? Well, as from January (if the decree is passed next week) you’ll be operating as a tourism business and will be expected to apply for permission and regulation from the Andalucian Ministry of Tourism. See, the tourism ministry of Andalucia is completely controlled by the Hotel industry, and they have been lobbying hard to prevent people from renting out their Continue reading

Andalucia sponsors Aston Villa

Andalucia has announced a sponsorship deal with Aston Villa (backing a winner there!) The deal is initially for two months (Nov and Dec) but is expected to be renewed for the forthcoming season. Rafael Rodriguez (Andalucian Minister for fun) says it’s given Andalucia free publicity to the tune of €70,000 in the UK and €350.000 worldwide already. There’s a fawning bit about it on the Aston Villa website here. A 115,000 people flew into Andalucia Continue reading

Junta pays Jet2 and BA for more tourists

What most people booking a cheap holiday in the sun don’t seem to realise is that their friendly tour operator back in the UK is actually being bribed to attract them to Spain. In essence, Spain’s many regions compete against one another to underwrite the cost of bringing the turistas out hereby paying a proportion of the cost. So the Junta de Andalucia has just paid Jet2.com €175,000 and BA a further €100,000 to keep Continue reading

Illegal home owners visit the Andalusian Parliament

Representatives of associations of those affected by ilegal houses known as Abusos Urbanísticos Almanzora NO (AUAN) and Save our Homes in Axarquia (SOHA), report about their meetings during two intense days in Seville in the Andalusian Parliament. They were there to assess the bill approved on Tuesday by the Cabinet that could serve to regularize a significant number or irregular houses in various parts of the Autonomous Community. On the first of these days, Tuesday, Continue reading