Almeria airport gets new summer routes

Almeria airport

It seems FITUR may be useful for something as Almeria Airport (code named LEI) has signed a series of new summer destinations at the trade fair. Mind you, it doesn’t alter my theory that FITUR is just one big jolly for the boys one iota. Jet2 and TUI have been studying these destinations since last year, they just use the Madrid tourism fair as the press launch destination. Any hoo…. UK airline plans to Continue reading

Almería to fine pet owners who don’t pick up

Almería city council has approved a by-law authorising fines of between €120 and €750 for owners of pets who foul public spaces. The measure is accompanied by a large advertising campaign which aims to educate pet owners upon their “civic responsibilities”. But opposition parties have criticised the move by the PP controlled council, which they say is irresponsible. Councillor Inés Plaza (PSOE) said: “I fear the council has abandoned any attempts to bring in a Continue reading

Fury over restoration vandalism at Almería’s historic train station

A planned restoration of Almería’s train station has caused outrage after it was noticed that historic elements have been cemented over A long awaited restoration of Almería’s historic train station has caused much controversy after it was noticed that elements of the façade have been crudely cemented over. The historic building saw scaffolding go up this week as the first phase of a much needed restoration project started. Works carried out by building company Jarquil Continue reading

Small pony abandoned in Almería city centre

A bizarre situation happened yesterday in Almería city. Local police found a small pony abandoned in the city centre – and had to use a rubbish lorry to take it the pound. Residents of C/ Lopez Vega called the cops early Sunday morning after spotting the scared animal nosing for food. The local police managed to catch the animal, but had no way to take it to the local pound. The city has cancelled its Continue reading

Jet2 brings five new destinations to Almeria Airport for 2017

Jet2 has announced five new weekly flights to Almeria airport for next year. They are as follows: Edinburgh (flights start 27/04/2017, twice a week) East Midlands (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) Leeds Bradford (flights start 30/04/2017, every Wednesday and Sunday) Manchester (flights start 29/04/2017, every Tuesday and Saturday) Newcastle (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) It seems tickets are now on sale – the Edinburgh route came up as €130 per person returning, €54 going for Continue reading

Ear biter accepts jail

A twenty eight year old man who bit another man’s ear off has accepted six years in jail. The aggressor, who acknowledged being “heavily under the influence of drink” at the time of the attack, confessed his only motive had been because the victim had “looked at him wrongly”. He has been dubbed the “cannibal robber” by the Spanish press. The attack took place late on the 7th of July 2014 outside the Mediterraneo shopping Continue reading

Almería council criticised for hiring private security guards to control traffic during Holy Week

The town council of Almería has been criticised for allowing private security officers to take over traffic duties during the Holy Week parades as there aren’t enough local police officers to cope. Five unions filed a joint complaint when the situation became apparent.No-one seems sure why the private security people were assigned to traffic duties, but it seems someone has a photo. Nor does the complaint mention if they were on the main roads or Continue reading

Heavy rain brings chaos to Almería

Heavy rain on Tuesday morning bought chaos to Almeria city and the outlying area. Emergency services dealt with 73 call outs across the west of the province in a single morning due to localised flooding. A level 1 flood alert was declared in the early hours of the morning, which was lifted later that afternoon. [AdSense_B] Several people had to be rescued from their vehicles after getting stuck whilst crossing floodwaters, including a man and Continue reading

Stamp commemorating a thousand years of Almería launched

Correos had a presentation yesterday of a commemorative stamp illustrating the thousand year anniversary of the Kingdom of Almería – 1014 – 2014. This seems to have come two years late, so I may be missing something in this story. The backdrop is from an early 19th century lithograph taken by Nicolás Mª Chapuy, whereas the forefront is a modern photo by Pako Manzano. The big “m” is the official logo of the “Milenio Reino Continue reading

19 arrested in Almería for forcing abortions for the insurance money

A major police operation last night and today have resulted in 19 people being arrested in Almeria city for running an insurance scam in which women became pregnant, aborted, and then claiming they had miscarried due to traffic accidents, for the insurance money. 12 of the people arrested are women. Charges levied appear to be defrauding insurance companies, illegal abortion and belonging to a criminal gang. Women involved in the scam would fall pregnant. Once Continue reading