Guitar museum opens in Almeria

A major new guitar museum, the “Antonio de Torres”, has opened in Almeria city. This despite the fact that we don’t make guitars, don’t really play them, and have no tradition of flamenco in this area. Anyway, it seems that the famed guitar maker “Antonio de Torres” (1817-1892) was originally from Almeria.  His Wikipedia entry says that “Torres is as revered among guitarists as Antonio Stradivari is revered among violinists.” Can’t say I’d ever heard Continue reading Guitar museum opens in Almeria

Huge redevelopment of Almeria Port announced

The Ayuntamiento de Almeria, Junta and other government bodies that want the glory have announced a huge redevelopment plan for the port and coastline of Almería city. The project plans -no budget yet set- include the redevelopment of the coastal road, expansion of the port and marina, integration of the new conference centre into the marina, new administrative centre, two thousand parking spaces and a large new mall style leisure shopping and eating area. The Continue reading Huge redevelopment of Almeria Port announced

Costasol, Husa Hotel, Almeria

Costasol, Husa Hotel, Almeria city Posted: 06:52@04.07.06 (Note: This review is now depreciated, and is only available as a historical note) I was recently in Almeria for a meeting with the Provincial Delegate of Industry & Innovation, as part of the Levante sin Cables Aereos campaign ( There were 6 of us, and we had some time to kill after the mornings demonstration, so off we popped for lunch. Since we at the bottom of Continue reading Costasol, Husa Hotel, Almeria