Baby and adult die after hitting a car coming head-on against them

A car going the wrong way up the motorway outside Cantoria smashed into an oncoming vehicle late last night, killing an adult and a fourteen month old baby girl from Purchena. Four vehicles in all collided. The vehicle which caused the crash was speeding the wrong way down the motorway when it hit the on-coming vehicle, which hadn’t spotted it because they had just pulled into the left hand lane to overtake a large vehicle. Continue reading

Casa Siret squatter clears out

The Casa Siret is an ancient and beautiful cortijo near Las Herrerías, Cuevas del Almanzora. It’s main claim to fame is that it was the residence of Luis Siret, the famous engineer turned amateur archaeologist who discovered the local Bronze Age El Argar civilisation at the turn of the last century. It now belongs to Cuevas town. In 2004, Cuevas council and Dicomano council (in Italy) signed an agreement to setup an art school using Continue reading

1,500 homes to be built from next year in Palomares

Grupo Almanzora says it will press ahead from next year with plans to build 1,500 homes in Palomares, along with the obligatory hotel. The company owns 75% of the land, and some 55 smallholders own the rest of the land which is to be developed. Most of it is prime beach front property. Grupo Almanzora says 50% of the homes will be individual chalets and the rest viviendas adosadas. The company says that the construction Continue reading

Albox townhall has “civil responsibility” in case of 98 Brit owned demolitions

Albox townhall has been told it has civil responsibility in the case of 98 mainly British owned houses that face demolition in the town, and has been ordered to consign 3,1 million euros to the courts to cover any possible compensation costs. Three building companies are also named in the judicial order: ‘Proyecto y Construcciones Almanzora SL’, Procoal Villas SL, & Empire Villas SL. The three companies share civil responsibility with the townhall, but as Continue reading

Junta asks EU to 280M to finish off Almería’s motorways

The Junta has said it will finish off all of the abandoned motorways in the province, if the EU stumps up 280 million euros to pay for it all. Well, that’s the essence of yesterday’s statement. The plan submitted to the EU is asking for Andalucia’s share of Presidents Juncker’s massive cash spend under the known “Plan Juncker”. The EU Prezzie, you will remember, has abandoned austerity and announced he’s spending hundreds of billions of Continue reading

17 more British homes to be demolished in Cantoria

The News agency Europa Press has revealed that a court in Almeria, Andalusia, Spain has ordered the demolition of 17 houses in Media Legua in the town of Cantoria. In the court judgement, to which Europa Press had access, the judge rejected the State Prosecutors request to compensate third party purchasers in good faith because there was “insufficient evidence of their existence”, despite the fact that the British owners had purchased the homes through a Continue reading

Secret weather manipulation in Almeria denounced

For years there has been a secret programme to manipulate the weather in Almeria, according to a newly formed farmers association setup to “uncover this meteorological terrorism”. The Asociación en Defensa de la Salud y el Medio Ambiente y contra los Sistemas Quitalluvias de Almería (Avial) says that several large insurance companies have for years been seeding clouds across Almeria and Murcia to make it rain elsewhere, thus avoiding hailstorms and floods in the province Continue reading

Almanzora railway could reopen

The central government has confirmed that it is spending €100,000 on a study to see if it’s worthwhile reopening the Almanzora railway, which runs past Cantoria, Albox, Huercal Overa and eventually down to Pulpí. The Almanzora railway ran for a hundred years until it was closed in 1985 during the Spanish version of the Beeching report. Since then, it’s laid unused and abandoned. The central government has consistently refused permission to reuse the land for Continue reading

Smooth FM returns to the airwaves with new owner

Albox residents will be able to enjoy a new radio station next week! Grant writes in to tell me that: Smooth FM is returning to FM in Albox on 89.8 from 2 June. “New shows” and a “new format” are promised for the re-launch. The station has a new owner, Ray Peters, who moved from Majorca to Arboleas at the end of last year. Longtime presenter Mark Deakin is leaving and presents his last regular Continue reading

Almanzora motorway works to restart this month and be finished in a year

The Junta has announced that work on the Almanzora motorway will restart “in May”, although they didn’t give a date, and will finish by March 2015. Work on the motorway stopped in 2012 during la crisis and since then the motorway has been sitting, half built and mouldering, under the hot sun. 85 % of the motorway has been finished, with just 8,7 km to be done.