Algarrobico demolition assured, says government, and will cost 7 million euros

The President of the Andalucian Supreme Court today said that the demolition of the El Algarrobico hotel is assured and just waiting for a political decision. Supreme Judge Lorenzo del Río was asked about yesterday’s decision by his superiors in Madrid, and said that judicially there are no obstacles. “It is 100% a political decision when to send in the bulldozers” he said. And President Susana Diaz of Andalucia said that “Justice has finally been Continue reading

Algarrobico land “isn’t urbanisable” rules Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Spain has released two key judgements on the annoying El Algarrobico hotel today. They ruled that: It’s built on protected land And the land belongs to the Junta de Andalucía The ruling comes to clarify earlier contradictory Andalusian Supreme Court (TSJA) rulings that contradicted one another. The land issue comes because the the land it’s built upon was supposedly turned into nature park after permits to build were issued but before Continue reading

Algarrobico building license declared legal

The Supreme Court of Andalucia has ruled that the building license of the Algarrobico hotel was issued legally, confirming an earlier decision, and overturning an appeal of nullity by the Junta de Andalucia, Ecologista en Accion and Salvemos Mojacar who all wanted it thrown out. However, because the Junta de Andalucia did not formally appeal an earlier decision by a lower court, instead contenting itself to questioning some of the evidence the ruling was based Continue reading

Junta asks for police warrant to demolish the Algarrobico hotel

The Junta de Andalucia has asked for judicial permission to enter the Algarrobico hotel grounds and demolish it for once and for all, despite delaying tactics by the builder. A request for a warrant was filed with the Supreme Court on Friday asking for permission to bypass the builder Azata del Sol SL, and requesting police protection for demolition experts to enter the area at will. The request also asks the court for an order Continue reading

Algarrobico building license was legal, rules High Court

The flipping hotel was built on a legal building license, and the claims by the ecologists have been thrown out of court on a technicality, the High Court of Andalucia ruled today. The Algarrobico building license was legally issued according to the situation at the time (2003) said the panel of judges today, overturning a series of lower court rulings that all said the opposite. The ruling furthermore states that the rights of the promoter Continue reading

Algarrobico hotel painted black by Greenpeace

The Algarrobico hotel is being painted black today by over a hundred Greenpeace activists who turned up unannounced early this morning. Greenpeace say it’s the largest combined operation ever undertaken by volunteers in Spain, showing the depth of feeling from across all layers of Spanish society against this corrupt urban speculation that has blighted the country. “El Algarrobico is an international sign of the impunity under which corruption allowed the destruction of the Spanish coast” Continue reading

Algarrobico Judges denounced for abuse of power

The Judges who ruled last week that the land the Algarrobico hotel was built on is urbanisable have had a criminal denuncia for abuse of power filed against them by ecologist groups. The Junta de Andalucia also said Saturday that it had grave reservations about the ruling, which it said showed “a lack of legal leadership”.

Algarrobico hotel land is now declared to be BUILDABLE by Supreme Court! What’s going on?

The land the ill fated Algarrobico hotel in Carboneras has now been declared BUILDABLE (urbanizable) in a shock Supreme Court decision. This ruling contradicts a 2012 ruling by the same Supreme Court, which mentioned in passing that the land wasn’t buildable. The promoter of the hotel asked for clarification of this point, which came back yesterday. The same ruling states that:

Carboneras PSOE “flat out rejects” Algarrobico demolition plans

It’s an error, a mistake, and destruction for our village, says the local PSOE in Carboneras, rejecting flat out President Diaz’s plan to create local jobs by knocking down the illegal and half built hotel on its outskirts. They’ve also said they will refuse to cooperate with the demolition, won’t help in finding local workers, and intend to picket the hotel to prevent demolition. The PSOE in Carboneras is basically a family run mafia who Continue reading

Algarrobico will be DEMOLISHED and LOCAL PEOPLE used for the job says President Diaz

President Susana Diaz of Andalucia today made the startling announcement that she is launching a job scheme in Carboneras based around the demolition of the Algarrobico hotel, and restoring of the land it sits on back to natural park. The move is being seen as an attempt to win hearts and minds in Carboneras, as the townhall is firmly against the demolition of the hotel and wants it opened. President Diaz said that the demolition Continue reading