Yellow snow alert in province

There is a snow alert, yellow level*, for the higher parts of the province tonight. *Sorry, yellow snow alert. Snigger. Snow above 1,000/ 1,500 metres in the south of Spain, starting to fall tonight. Los Velez is the main area affected, as are the mountains of Tabernas. We may get some rain tonight and Monday morning – then again, we may not. Stay up to date here from the official source: The weather. Consult the Continue reading Yellow snow alert in province

Orange storm alert along coast for this Sunday

An Orange alert has been issued along the coast of Almeria warning of strong winds and high tides. Civil protection reckons we could be looking at gale force 8 winds starting Sunday afternoon as a storm blows in, and warns people not to approach the sea. They also ask homeowners to ensure nothing can be blown off roof patios onto the streets below.

Yellow snow alert in province for Tuesday and Wednesday

Almeria is on yellow snow alert as temperatures drop to -4ºC Tuesday night! Nacimimiento, Campo de Tabernas, Valle del Almanzora & Los Velez could receive up to 2 centimetres of snow, starting 10pm. The snow level could drop to about 700m according to the Met office. Although VERY cold it isn’t likely to rain too much.