Maura Hillen awarded MBE for services to illegal home owners in Spain

From the British Embassy in Spain today comes the following exciting news. Maura Hillen, homeowners’ champion, receives honorary MBE   The leader of an association representing owners of illegal homes in Andalucia has been appointed an honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), for services to the British community in Spain. The award to Mrs Maura Hillen, an Irish national, reflects her work as President and spokesperson of Abusos Urbanisticos Continue reading

Albox’s El Saliente gets a jubilee year from the Vatican

The 300th anniversary of the Virgin statue in the beautiful El Sanctuario del Saliente in Albox will be commemorated by a special Jubilee Year authorised by the Vatican. The request for a special anniversary to mark the occasion was raised by the Bishop of Almería, monsignor Adolfo Gonzalez Montes, and permission was last week granted by the Holy See. The Jubilee Year will run from September 8 2016 until September 8 2017. Although the building Continue reading

Nephew kills uncle with gun in Albox street

A man has shot dead his uncle near the Albox music school. It happened at 13:20 today, and witnesses say both men were armed. A shootout between the two men ocurred in Ramón y Cajal street which left one man dead on the floor. The Local Police were the first to arrive on the scene but were unable to save the life of the dead man. The nephew was arrested shortly afterwards.

Albox directors jailed

Six directors of an Albox building company have been found guilty and jailed for repeated breaches of health and safety, despite no work accidents having occurred. Penal Court 2 of Almeria ruled the company forced workers to work under unsafe work conditions and ignored complaints. The case started in 2008 when a work inspector visited the works and found a large number of violations. He stated in his report that he considered the reasons for Continue reading

Albox has an English speaking Councillor

Albox has a new English speaking councillor for Tourism and International Relations in the person of Maura Hillen, an Irish national and former IT director, who has lived in Albox for nearly 8 years.   Mrs. Hillen is probably better known as the president of the home owner’s association, AUAN, where she leads a campaign on behalf of homeowners who purchased an illegal property in good faith.   ‘This is a new challenge for me’ Continue reading

Albox mayor barred from holding public office

The Mayor of Albox has been barred from holding public office for the next two and a half years after he was found guilty of abuse of office by with-holding public information from opposition councillors. Penal Court Nº1 of Almería said that Mayor Rogelio Mena (PSOE) was guilty of systematically denying access to public information and obstructing the opposition PP councillors in the execution of their duties. Rogelio had just won the recent elections, being Continue reading

Bond girl fights for Albox seat in election

A former Bond girl is leading a group of British expatriates who hold the balance of power in a Spanish village before its elections tomorrow. Valerie Leon, 71, who had parts in The Spy Who Loved Me and Never Say Never Again, has lent a dash of Hollywood glamour to an election campaign that could be decided by 600 British residents of Albox in Almeria, southern Spain. The main point of contention is which party Continue reading

Albox mayor asked for expenses despite using his official car

The Mayor of Albox has been denied the travel compensation of €7,000 he asked for, as he had been using his official car. Rogelio Mena (PSOE), who is also a local MP, had put in travel expenses for the last three years. However, an internal investigation by the Junta discovered he always used his official Audi for these trips, instead of a personal vehicle. Rogelio asked for €4.000 for trips between Albox and Almería, and Continue reading

Albox music school to be evicted as townhall hasn’t paid rent in 5 years

The music school conservatorio in Albox is to be evicted on the 25th on June at 10am if the townhall doesn’t stump up the 5 years back rent it owes the owners of the building. Trouble is, the rent on the building is €7,500 a month, so the townhall owes almost half a million euros . Huercal Overa courts have agreed with the owners of the building that the townhall has never paid a single Continue reading

Albox refuses to consign compensation to illegal house owners and appeals

Albox townhall has refused to consign 3.104.185€ to the local courts to cover its “civil responsibility” for permitting the construction and sale of 98 illegal homes to British citizens, and has voted unanimously to appeal the sentence. Read my explanation of the court order over here. Rogelio Mena, the PSOE Mayor, says that neither he nor his team were responsible for allowing the constructions (he blames the previous PP mayor from the other party) and Continue reading