Almeria airport gets new summer routes

Almeria airport

It seems FITUR may be useful for something as Almeria Airport (code named LEI) has signed a series of new summer destinations at the trade fair. Mind you, it doesn’t alter my theory that FITUR is just one big jolly for the boys one iota. Jet2 and TUI have been studying these destinations since last year, they just use the Madrid tourism fair as the press launch destination. Any hoo…. UK airline plans to Continue reading

Jet2 brings five new destinations to Almeria Airport for 2017

Jet2 has announced five new weekly flights to Almeria airport for next year. They are as follows: Edinburgh (flights start 27/04/2017, twice a week) East Midlands (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) Leeds Bradford (flights start 30/04/2017, every Wednesday and Sunday) Manchester (flights start 29/04/2017, every Tuesday and Saturday) Newcastle (flights start 02/05/2017, every Tuesday) It seems tickets are now on sale – the Edinburgh route came up as €130 per person returning, €54 going for Continue reading

Tender to run Corvera airport being mooted

Although the tender to run Corvera airport has not yet been prepared, a number of “interested parties” are visiting the installations this month to get a feel for the place. You’ll remember that Aeromur, the old management company, was finally fired by the courts last year. Local press say that “several international companies specialised in running airports in Europe and the United States” have come to have a look. Francisco Bernabé, transport minister for the Continue reading

Almeria airport schedules for 2016

Nothing exciting in the way of new flights for Almeria duringh 2016, unless you like flying to London (16 flights a week during summer) or Brussels (10 flights a week during summer). Thompson is launching a new charter flight this summer between London and Almeria – it’s the same one they announced last year but never got around to doing. Thomas Cook will be operating additional flights during the summer as well. Monarch will be Continue reading

A trip to Malaga airport

Almeria airport

I’ve just been on a trip, and decided to go via Malaga airport. Now that the motorway is open all the way there, it’s a fantastically easy journey. We swung onto the motorway at junction 520 and steamed down westwards. We all know the trip to Almeria, so I’ll skip over that bit. Past Almeria we get into the heavier traffic around Roquetas / El Ejido for half an hour. But it’s a good run Continue reading

Motorway to Malaga is now open, and airport is now viable!

Stuff all the nonsense about whether Corvera will ever open, we now have the two largest airports in southern Spain at roughly the same distance from us. The new motorway to Malaga is fully open, and from here to Malaga will take roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. Malaga is now 110 minutes from Almeria city, add the 45 minutes it takes to get there and another 10 mins to get to the airport… Flights from Continue reading

Twit causes alarm and gets arrested after pretending to be carjacked

Almeria airport

A twenty four year old Spaniard has been arrested after he claimed to have been carjacked on the road outside Almeria airport. The man told police that whilst driving there another car blocked his way, forcing him to pull over, and two men jumped out to rob him. He claimed to have lost 200 euros in cash as well as his mobile phone. However, police detectives quickly realised that nothing in his story made sense. Continue reading

Air Traffic Controller strike called off for August

The union of air traffic controllers have announced that they will be calling off their wave of strikes expected for August “to prevent interference with tourists and their holidays”. However, they threaten to restart the strikes in September. The strikes are protesting against the fines levied upon 61 ATC’s fined for participating in the strikes that paralysed Spain back in 2010.

Manchester – Almeria routes announced by Monarch

UK airline Monarch has confirmed that they will be flying between Manchester and Almeria airport throughout this winter twice weekly. Flights will be on Monday, Thursday and Sundays until September, and on Thursdays and Sundays from then until November. From November until next March, flights will be on every Friday with additional flights on Mondays during the peak season only. See the winter route info here.

Jet2 may be coming to Almería

Cadena Ser radio reports that Jet2 is in discussions today with local authorities about using Almería airport as its regional base. There has been no official confirmation from the company, but the radio reports a leak saying that the airline is looking at operating flights from May to October, and if successful, could extend this to all year round flights. is the UK’s third largest tour operator by volume and also operates a fleet Continue reading