Almeria – Seville air route to cost taxpayers 2.5 million euros a year

Almeria airport

The Almeria to Seville air route is being underwritten by the Junta to the fantastic amount of 2,5 million euros a year, or 10.292.000 over the next four years. The air route was declared to be “obligatory for the social good”, which basically means it has to carry on regardless of actual traffic, and so the long suffering taxpayer must again reach into their pockets to underwrite it.

Sevilla – Almeria air bridge declared “in the public interest”

The Junta has declared that the Almeria – Seville  air bridge is to be declared “in the public interest”, which opens the way for public financing of the route. The route will operate two daily returns on workdays (leaving at 7, returning at 9am, and in the evenings leaving at 7,30 returning at 9,30), and one on weekends. The maximum ticket price will be €117. A basic operating cost has been established and if the Continue reading Sevilla – Almeria air bridge declared “in the public interest”