A record year for filming

The province had a record year for filming last year, with no fewer than 91 permits being issued to film in the countryside across Almería. 14 of these were for long shoots (films, etc), 5 for short films and 4 for documentaries. Most of the rest were adverts, according to this news report from La Voz. We had the foo-foo French film ´Les Frères Sisters´ (the brother sisters, according to my schoolboy French), which is Continue reading A record year for filming

Mojácar presents new tourism video

The town of Mojácar has unveiled its new tourism video, designed to lure the unwary in. It’s called Mojácar: recuerdos inolvidables. (Unforgettable memories). The 4:13 video centres around some fatuous family in 2044 who seem to have done nothing interesting since 2014. When Dad gets drunk on the vino and starts to tell a bawdy story about the son, a family argument erupts which is quickly smoothed over by the daughter suggesting that they all Continue reading Mojácar presents new tourism video

What a wonderful advert

We all know that newspapers who support the government get “institutional support”. IE, the politicians pay for large useless adverts with taxpayers money in exchange for favourable coverage. Changing the subject, our local newspaper La Voz de Almería is part of Grupo Prisa, which is a large PSOE orientated media group which includes such treasures as El País newspaper or Cadena 40. I have spoken before of how La Voz is similar to Pravda, in Continue reading What a wonderful advert

North Korea launches a new beer

North Korea, the “hermit kingdom” known for being the worlds only Communist dynasty, bad hairstyles and erratic nuclear weapons, has launched a new beer which seems to be about the first -and only- advert for a product on their TV network. Don’t know about you, but it’s making me want to go tee-total. At least they don’t know how to pour it. The BBC says: Billed as the “Pride of Pyongyang”, the advert promises drinkers Continue reading North Korea launches a new beer